James Darin Corbiere

woman in the water james darin corbiere

Thank you for viewing my gallery.  I hope you have enjoyed my visual art and learning about my cultural stories and experiences as I have interpreted for you.  

I find a special connection to creating art on natures wood and love bringing the spirit that presents it self into light for all to see.  I relate the images and give stories to the pieces as the links are made to the oral history stories of my culture.  In a way I give a new voice to an old past.

I work with bright bold colours, as I saw in people as a child.  Colour speaks volumes in emotional expression and so I use it in the art.

You will find a nod to our traditional art within my pieces, yet I have pursued my own style and thus feel an evolution of cultural art has formed.  I often find that while I may begin with a concept in mind the art piece has a spirit of its own and I’m just a messenger helping to create and share it. 

I am originally from Eastern Canada where in my former life I was an RCMP member and then a School Teacher.  My wife and I migrate from one coast to the other where we now live on Vancouver Island. 

You can check out my latest upcoming exhibits under current events and stay current with me on Etsy and Instagram.

Past Exhibitions

  • 2018 Descent of Anishinaabe Kwe | Two Riverys Art Gallery | Prince George, BC
  • 2021 A Cosmic Journey Thru Space and Time | Heather Park | Prince George, BC
  • 2021 Quesnel Art Gallery
  • 2021 Odessy’s End | Cowichan Bay Waterfront

Thank you for Your Support

I am honored and humbled by all the customer and community support over the years.  As our paths cross and we share in a journey I am so grateful to meet everyone.  Special thanks to my wife Lisa whose gentle soul and words of encouragement meant the world to me.